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well, its kinda obvious that you get zero information here…obviously

institute of perception and sensation

The Institute of Perception and Sensation is a project aiming to build a foundation of growth and self-sustainability for creative people 


this one’s new

first time you gonna get an insight of how we do what we do…works in progress…

…at least a bit…


Artists Anonymous

exhibitions and installations

solo and in collaboration

here, there and everywhere

Artists Anonymous, the gunslinger and other true stories, AA Galleries Berlin

We Are Alive

the gunslinger and other true stories, AA Galleries, Berlin


Artists Anonymous, the Apocalyptic Warriors

The Apocalyptic Warriors

sold out

The fictitious blowing up of the Hamburger Bahnhof

Lucifer over London

available as pdf



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to be continued…

Artists Anonymous

new publication

will be released 2023

cuming soon

The Fines

Artists Anonymous in collaboration with The Fines

new album will be released shortly

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Artists Anonymous, perception&sensation, magazin4, bregenz


What People Say About Us

While the other galleries traffic in relatively comestible art presented in refurbished white spaces, Artists Anonymous feels reckless, filled with a sort of adolescent energy that makes the other hot new galleries suddenly look tame and middle-aged

This is the ingenious quality of their work:

the risk factor

Niamh Coghlan. aesthetica magazine
who really is the artist